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THE CLIENT: A sports and wellness center

THE CASE: This client had a varied range of capabilities and needed a clear statement which unified and simplified their services to the public. We arranged for several meetings during which we consulted with and, more importantly, LISTENED to them. Additionally, we read through old materials including brochures, letters and old websites to gain a full understanding of the organization and its history. We then formulated the following service statement to cover all the bases in an easy-to-understand format. We also developed a slogan and remodeled their mission statement.

THE RESULT: A clear, concise presentation of this talented, diverse company.




THE scope of our activity extends to three main areas: Sports, Fitness and Motivation

OUR focus in the fitness arena is to help people in all walks of life achieve their personal wellness goals. We do this by customizing workouts, diets, and incentives to the individual's needs. Our clients receive the benefit of working with trainers and fellow trainees who understand where they are coming from and where they want to go - in short, they feel empowered to realize their goals.

IN the sports world today, there is a growing trend towards doing whatever is necessary to get ahead, whether it's right or not. In contrast, we believe that it is possible to achieve peak performance levels while maintaining one's personal integrity. To help our clients reach these heights, we've developed a winning combination of disciplined sports drilling and genuine encouragement to inspire our athletes to reach the next level, and the next level, and the next level!

THE motivation area encompasses our youth and community activities such as our involvement in the Community Betterment Society, as well as our motivational speaking engagements and outreach seminars. We seek to encourage everyone we come in contact with to get up, get going, and become the winner they were meant to be.

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