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Our purpose for offering commercial printing is so that you may easily promote your organization, not only on the Web, but also through traditional venues for prices that seem to good to be true. Fortunately, they aren't! And our purchase minimums are low so you buy only what you need.


  1. Either contract our design service or submit press-ready materials
  2. If you contract our service, we will email a pdf file for you to approve (if not, skip this step)
  3. Approval or revision
  4. Printing of materials
  5. Less than 10 days later, final product!

A "press-ready" image meets four standards:

  • The quality is 300 dpi or higher
  • It is the exact size, including cut & bleed lines
  • It is in a PDF, PSD, TIF or JPEG format
  • The image is flat (no layers)

To find the exact size, click title

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