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1. Open your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, Opera)
2. Go to
3. Type in your username and password
4. Click “Web Hosting Tab” and select "My Hosting Accounts"
5. Scroll down to "Web Hosting" and click the "Launch" button beside your account name
6. When the hosting page is shown, click the "Content" tab and then the "Java FTP Client"
7. You now can transfer files from your computer to the server
8. When finished, click the “X” in the upper right-hand corner to close the page
9. Don’t forget to log out of your control panel so that no one can hack in and destroy your site!


Additional information regarding how to use hosting accounts can be found at in the FAQ section. Click here for the hosting guides.

PLEASE NOTE: Uploading will completely erase your old files from the server. It is advisable not to perform this action unless you have a backup of the original image somewhere on your computer.

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