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1. Open Outlook (or Outlook Express) and go to "Tools"
2. Click "Accounts"
3. Click "Add" and choose "Mail"
4. In the display name box, type "YOUR COMPANY NAME” Click next.
5. In the email address box, type “” Click next.
6. In the "Email server names" box, leave it as "POP3".
7. In the incoming mail server box, type "" and in the outgoing mail server box, type "" Click next.
8. In the account name box, type “” (be sure to write out the whole thing and not just leave it as 'YOU' or else it won't work). In the password box, type "PASSWORD" and be sure the Remember Password square is checked. Click next.
9. Click finish. Send a test email from another address to your new one.
10. Congratulations – you have set up your new email address! If this does not work, you may need to check e-mail on the web. (See below topic)

1. Open your Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari)
2. Go to
3. Type in your username and password
4. Choose from one of the three e-mail programs
5. Click on "Inbox" to view e-mail
6. Don't forget to log out!


1. Open your mail client (Outlook, Outlook Express, or Thunderbird)
2. Click “New Message”
3. Fill out the To: and Subject: lines
4. Click “Attach” (usually a paper clip graphic)
5. Browse for the photo/graphic and click the file once when you find it
6. Click “Attach” or “Open”
7. Click “Send”
8. If the message does not send because “file size exceeds global limits,” that means the item is too large.* To fix that:
9. Open your photo/graphic using Microsoft Office Picture Manager or a similar program
10. Click on the edit panel
11. IMPORTANT: At this point you should "Save As" and save a copy of the graphic, because once you edit the original there is no way to erase the changes.
12. Once you are sure you're editing the COPY, click on the resize section
13. If the item is for a website, it should be 72 dpi (dots or pixels per inch), and at least 200 by 100 pixels
14. Some programs allow you to choose preset sizes, such as “Website – Large.” If it does, choose that setting “Website – Large” and go back to steps 1-7 to try again
*PLEASE NOTE: If your photo/graphic is for print, it MUST be at least 300 dpi for a quality product. In almost all cases, this means you should not resize the item at all. If it is too large to email, please contact us.

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